Gardening Gardening Basics 2

Published on June 22nd, 2014 | by Mike Lopez


Gardening Basics

In your heart your thumb is as green as the Garden of Eden, but with your actual thumb not so much. No worries, in this blog we are going to hook you up, or should I say plow you in the right direction. “Plow you”, get it… well never mind the dry attempts at humor, let’s get started.

First you need to select a good space. This spot should be in an area in your yard where it can get plenty of exposure from the sun and not be obstructed from the rain. Next the soil is very important to this process remember good soil, good growth. You can have your soil tested to see what your dealing with exactly. Finally, decide what type of garden you will be setting up i.e., flowers or vegetables. Whatever your choice consider your seeds carefully. You can ask the store expert where you buy your seeds for some helpful tips on your selection as well as on what pest control to use.

Gardening Basics 1

Happy Gardening!

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